Carla Moon

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In my time as a self- employed massage therapist I have found that I have so much respect for the human body, its self-healing properties, and the healing power we can exert on one another through energy and touch. I am so grateful for the wellness center where I share space with several fellow practitioners who may help without the use of drugs or surgery whenever possible. Besides my office work, I mix up my schedule by traveling to senior living and private residences, as well as providing chair massages at Whole Foods. This particular experience has been eye opening as a body work modality that works really well with the geriatric population since the ability to climb onto and off the massage table may be limited. My immediate focus is to partner with senior homes in order to grow my business into an organization that is solely based on creating a higher quality of living for the elderly.  Many people living in senior homes crave a loving touch as they may experience loneliness and often are only touched during exams and bathing. It is important to me that massage services be accessible to this population who can so benefit physically, emotionally, and mentally from regularly scheduled relaxing and therapeutic massage.