Carrie Garcia Coy


Since 2002, I have enjoyed helping people relieve pain, prevent injury, build mind-body awareness and support their overall wellbeing. It is truly rewarding to see others grow and live life more fully because of the work we do together. Using massage and energy work techniques, I help my clients to unlock the body’s wisdom and voice for enhanced integration and wholeness. Our time together is truly for you and your nourishment.

I have training in and utilize a variety of modalities to customize your session to create results that last and continue to evolve beyond the session. They include Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue & Trigger Point therapy, as well as more soft-touch and vibrational techniques such as Cranio- Sacral Therapy, Acutonics (tuning forks) and Ortho-Bionomy. I am also certified in Pre & Perinatal Massage for our new mothers out there! My energy techniques include Reiki and a self-developed modality called “Body Hologram” where we release or bring into awareness what is not working for your body and transmit supportive elements for you to powerfully carry forward beyond the session.  

My Experience...

I received my massage certification through Chicago School of Massage Therapy (now Cortiva Institute) in 2002. I received my advanced Myofascial Massage Therapy certification the following year and pursued further training in the other modalities mentioned above within the first 5 years after graduating.

The difference between my work and many other bodyworkers is patience. In my 14 years of doing bodywork, I have found that tissue and energies do not release in a lasting way without waiting and making friends with “what is so.” Most of the guarding around pain and holding patterns in our bodies requires this kind of patience and trust. I provide this facilitated witness and expertise so your body can heal itself. We also look at practices, habits and products that further support your progress between sessions.

My energy work has developed since 2005 in response to what I was seeing and feeling during my sessions with clients, especially during Cranio Sacral sessions. My work is subtle, but powerful, with far reaching results that include finer body awareness and integration, perspective shifts, greater alignment with your life path, and release of old scripts and patterns that hold us back. Most of this can be integrated into a session passively, other times I am guided to share what is revealed or ask more questions to help a client navigate their own choices. Sovereignty and voice are given to those areas of our body that hold wisdom for our journey to wholeness.

In case you are interested...

I am blessed with 2 children, one with autism and the other with massive creativity: they have taught me I have a keen eye and ear for activism and long term success. I have brought that into my work and look for ways to bring voice to the voiceless when the timing is right.