Hello healers,
I have been running and practicing chair massage Whole Foods markets since 2001. It is THE best way I've found to meet new clients. Therapists receive 75% commission of $1 a minute because what we do is hard work and you deserve to make the lion's share of it. 

Everything you need is supplied, you just show up and bring any marketing materials for your practice with you. This is a contract position and you do need to have your certification, license and liability insurance to practice with us. Our shifts are a few hour container for you to focus on building your practice and sharing your healing gifts with the community.

The shifts we have open are:

CHERRY CREEK (1st and University)
Mondays 5-9

Wednesday 10-1:30

Every other Saturday 5-8

WASHINGTON PARK (1111 S. Washington St)
Subs Only

BELMAR (Lakewood. Alameda/Wadsworth)
Subs only

I look forward to hearing from you,